diskurso art magazine's
August 2021 Print, Outdoor and Digital Media Campaigns of the Month

Published August 30, 2021


VBBB's Plates print ad series (three of the ads below) created with DDB Brussels, Belgium.
    The series' press release explains:
    "Even in the modern society, breastfeeding is still seen as a provocation or an inappropriate act. Yet it is the most natural and logical way for a mum to feed her baby.
    "The association VBBB, which supports and encourages breastfeeding, has developed a print and OOH campaign with DDB Brussels that reminds everyone that breastfeeding is just feeding a baby and nothing more."



Plastic Oceans' and Fundación Meri's Still available in the ocean print ad series (three of the ads below) created with Berlin, Santiago, Chile.
    The campaign's press release explains:
    "Stories about people on beaches finding plastic trash from discontinued brands and products that no longer exist are more common these days. The main reason behind this fact is that plastic can take 500 years to biodegrade in the ocean.
    "Fundación Meri and Plastic Oceans partnered to get more awareness about this issue and help educate people to protect marine biodiversity from plastic pollution."



Sage Group's Boss It integrated marketing ad campaign (selected outdoor materials below) created with Wunderman Thompson, UK.
    The campaign's press release explains:
    "Sage, the market leader in cloud business management solutions, is celebrating the resilience of small businesses that have survived the pandemic in a bold and inspiring new campaign by Wunderman Thompson.
    "The campaign sets out to celebrate business optimism against the backdrop of a year of extraordinary challenges for the UK’s small and medium businesses (SMBs) . Despite the harsh economic climate, 2020 was named ‘year of the start-up’ with 770,000 UK businesses created and a 24% annual increase in business creations year-on-year.
    "The new outdoor ad campaign puts small businesses front and centre, by showing how they are bouncing back from the pandemic and giving them a publicity boost along the way."



Burger King Germany's Fine dining outdoor ad series (three variations below) created with INGO, Hamburg, Germany.
    The ad series' press release explains:
    "Due to the pandemic, Burger King had to close their indoor diners, so customers had to improvise and find creative ways of enjoying their meals. The brand captured those moments and created a campaign for their reopening after lockdown, inviting everyone to eat properly again. The billboards were launched in Berlin, Hamburg and Frankfurt and were expanded to social media platforms."