diskurso art magazine's
April 2021 Print, Digital, Outdoor and Ambient Media Ads of the Month

Published May 1, 2021


Dove's print ad series (below are five of the series' ads) for the brand's Reverse Selfie integrated marketing campaign created with Ogilvy, UK


BauKer's Gamers print ad series (three ads from the series below) created by VMLY&R, Santiago, Chile.
    The ads' press release explains: "Bauker wireless tools give you the freedom to move and use them wherever you want to achieve your goal. A feeling of freedom very similar to when we play video games. It is to relive that feeling of being on a mission, but now in real life."


Kite Pharma's Is Danger Lurking print ad series (three ads from the series below) created by McCann Health New Jersey, Parsippany, USA.
    The ads' press release explains: "Patients with high-risk r/r follicular lymphoma are a distinct subset that has progressively shorter responses and shorter survival with each subsequent line of treatment—making it critical to identify them as early as possible. However, this is not a set of patients that doctors think to look for. Enter: The Danger Lurking campaign. A completely computer-generated campaign, this initiative features patients calmly living their lives, sitting in chairs sinking in quicksand. They don’t know the danger they’re in because they’ve been reassured by their doctors that they’re out of danger. Arresting and quick, the sinking chairs highlight the patients who can get dangerously overlooked. In addition, every pixel was created by computer, due to the necessity of avoiding any photoshoots during the pandemic. No stock photography was used; every wrinkle and slipper were designed."


El Tiempo's No black, no history, no news print ad series (four ads from the series below) created by Beat MullenLowe, Bogotá, Colombia.
    The ads' press release explains: "El Tiempo, one of the largest newspapers in the country, joins the month of the Struggle for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. An important moment to remember that without many characters of color such as M. Jordan, M. Alí or J. Hendrix; journalism would not have epic stories to tell and therefore great news."


Circle K's Every Coffee outdoor ad series (four ads from the series below) created by Havas, Montreal, Canada


Claro's Personal self-care digital ad series (five ads from the series below) created by Dirty Kitchen, Bogotá D.C., Colombia


Fundación PKU's PKU: Protein Kills Us print ad series (three ads from the series below) created by VMLY&Rx, Madrid/Barcelona, Spain


BC Cancer Foundation's The Ballsy Ribbon direct advertising campaign (four photos below). The campaign's press release states: "BC Cancer Foundation has created the new ribbon, which is on sale during Testicular Cancer Awareness Month. This humorous twist on the cancer ribbon is aimed at younger men as testicular cancer typically affects men between ages 16 and 40."


Heinz's Made with Heinz print and digital ad series (three ads from the series below) created by Rethink, Toronto, Canada


Misu Pet & Food's Balconies print ad series (three ads from the series below) created by Wings The Agency, Caracas, Venezuela.
    The ads' press release explains: "Venezuela, like the rest of Latin America, is experiencing a second wave of Covid. Many people live alone in full confinement. What better time to adopt a great companion."


Three print/digital ads from Auto- und Reiseclub Deutschland's Don't unlock tragedy integrated marketing campaign created by McCann Germany, Frankfurt


Toronto Arrows' Big Men. Short Shorts. integrated marketing campaign (three materials below) created by LP/AD, Toronto, Canada.
    The campaign's press release explains: "Rugby isn't (yet) the main sport in Canada. But with growing interest in the sport, The Toronto Arrows R.F.C., Canada's professional rugby union club, want to draw in new fans. So in order to help with that aim, LP/AD put together a copy-driven 'explainer' campaign, which hopes to explain to new fans what Rugby is all about. And do that in an eye-catching and provocative way.

    "The campaign's showcase touch points are large-format OOH in and around Toronto, Canada. However, there is a digital component that explores more of the copy."


Mitch&Me's Dogs were the first print ad created by Jekyll&Hyde, Russia.
    The ad's press release explains: "12 April is the International Day of Human Space Flight in dedication of the first manned space flight by Yuri Gagarin.

 Brand Mitch&Me (dogs shampoo) decided to remind people they forgot that dogs were the first to make spaceflights, the first to walk in space, and who knows what else they did the first?! Also we wanted to remind everyone names of those who flew into space before man. Many of them never came back."
    The headline and subhead copy on the ad reads: "Dogs were the first
 / Dogs were the first to make spaceflights, to walk in space, and who knows where else."

    The body copy, meanwhile, reads: "The name of those who flew into space before man: Laika, Lisichka, Chaika, Belka, Strelka, Dezik, Tsygan, Lisa, Mishka, Chizhik, Smely, Ryzhik, Neputyovy, ZIB, Lisa, Damka, Mishka, Lisa, Bulba, Rita, Linda, Malyshka, Milda, Kozyavka, Albina, Ryzhaia, Dzhoina, Modnitsa, Palma, Pushok, Kusachka, Pyostraya, Belyanka, Zhelba, Knopka, Otvazhnaia, Snezhinka, Zhemchuzhnaia, Malyok, Pchyolka, Mushka, Zhulka, Chernushka, Zvyozdochka. / P.S.: Sadly enough, many of them never came back."


Three print ads from Amigos for Kids' Serial Killers Reintroduced integrated marketing campaign created by Republica Havas, USA


Colgate's Smiles Always Find a Way print ad series (three of the series' ads below) created by VMLY&R / Red Fuse, Paris, France


McDonald's Azerbaijan's Late night cravings? print ad series (three of the series' ads below) created by DDB Azerbaijan, Baku, Azerbaijan.