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August 2021 Picks

Published August 30, 2021

Arts journalism report


(Published 4 August 2021, socialtextjournal.org)

THIS essay by cultural worker Roma Estrada, arts-based research teacher Rae Rival and gender studies professor Nefertiti X.M. Tadiar actually introduces a selection of reports-cum-surveys by seven women cultural critics (including Rival and Estrada). Quite a Social Text special, then.
    True, those cultural activities that the essays chose to beam their lights on may not have been given the same amount of scrutiny by the mainstream media as the one proffered the Maginhawa Community Pantry, but that doesn't matter. We've always had a high regard for the subtle things in social life.


Documentary film

The full documentary on CBSNews.com

Bring Your Own Brigade

(Released to theaters and for streaming: 20 August 2021 by CBSN Films)

FROM British documentary filmmaker Lucy Walker, here's another portrait of America's tragedy of climate change denialism, individual and corporate greed unbeknownst to that country's people, and concerning that people's constant conservative resistance to contemporary changes even whilst scoffing at the timeliness of some ancient Native American science.


Print ad series

Two of the ads from Plastic Oceans' and Fundación Meri's Still available in the ocean print ad series

Plastic Oceans' and Fundación Meri's Still available in the ocean print ad series

(Launched by Plastic Oceans and Fundación Meri, August 2021)

CREATED with the ad agency Berlin of Santiago, Chile, Plastic Oceans' and Fundación Meri's Still available in the ocean print ad series tries to communicate how "(stories) about people on beaches finding plastic trash from discontinued brands and products that no longer exist are more common these days." The campaign's press release states that it wants to continue to harp on that now million-times-repeated message that the "main reason behind this fact is that plastic can take 500 years to biodegrade in the ocean."
    Kudos to Fundación Meri and Plastic Oceans for partnering in order to attain more awareness about this almost-hopeless issue and "help educate people to protect marine biodiversity from plastic pollution."


Poem/verse, reading, video poem

Pinoy Ako Blog's reposting of a video poem provided with a recitation audio by poet-priest Albert Alejo. [Alternate access to the public post here]

A reposting of a 2020 video poem, with recitation audio by Albert Alejo, for his own poem/verse "Salot"

(Reposted by Pinoy Ako Blog on Facebook, 26 August 2021)

ANYBODY can create a verse these days, but poet-priest Albert Alejo displays here again a special astuteness with his slant rhymes that would often result in compositions like this one where every line is simply pregnant with heavy memory. Our salute as well to the typography and motion design for the video.


Print/digital ad

News 5's Facebook post featuring Mega Tuna's "TWO NA!" cause marketing print/digital ad


(Posted 4 August 2021 by News 5 on Facebook)