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diskurso art magazine's
May 2021 Print, Outdoor and Digital Ads of the Month

Published May 28, 2021


Bioré's A big reminder outdoor ad series created by John St., Canada. The campaign's press release explains: "To remind people to wash their face before bed, Bioré® skincare created digital billboards that call people out by name and face directly into their condo window. Each uses Census Ontario data to display the most common names for the apartment complexes they’re facing."


Harel Insurance's The best insurance against violence is coexistence billboard and print ad campaign (photos of some of the campaign's materials below) created by Leo Burnett Israel.

    The campaign's press release explains: "In the passing week, Israel has seen massive outbursts of domestic civilian violence, on top of rocket attacks from Hamas in neighboring Gaza. Unprecedented riots broke up within Israeli borders, between Jews and Arabs in cities like Lod, Haifa and Jaffa where Jews and Arabs have always cohabitated peacefully side by side. Civil unrest which tore at the very fabric of these communities and what makes them such a pleasure to visit and experience. Places like Jaffa’s flea market where Jews and Arabs peddle their goods side by side surrounded by bars tended by yuppie young Israelis and hummus restaurants expertly dishing out their latest batch.

    "While most brands and commercial establishments have taken a step back, Harel, Israel's largest insurance firm, decided to take a stand for coexistence. They created a billboard and print ad campaign with the message 'The best insurance against violence is coexistence' in both languages, Hebrew and Arabic. Because keeping quiet is not an option. As Albert Einstein once said 'If I were to remain silent, I’d be guilty of complicity.'"


The Non-Violence Project's Pride never fades print ad series created by Anónimo, Mexico.


OYO Hotels and Homes' Every Jab Bridges the Gap print ad series


The Goodness Brewing Company's Good To Be Back digital ad series created by Bangerz&Nash, UK. The campaign's press release explains: "Celebrating UK pubs reopening on 17th May, the work shot at The Alpaca Islington captures the long-awaited moment punters are reunited with their first draft pint inside the nation’s favourite social institutions."


Burger King's Feeling uncomfortable? print ad series created by DAVID Madrid, Spain


The Creative Zone's "Accept Cookies" experiential marketing self-promoting idea and its implementing digital ad, both by The Creative Zone, Cairo, Egypt. The Creative Zone's press release explains: "To make every interaction with its clients sweet & simple, the Creative Zone advertising agency launched a new feature on their website where its clients can easily submit an online quotation request and then enjoy their first agency/client privilege, a delicious package of real crunchy cookies, delivered directly to their office as a 'thank you for considering our services' gift." Simple.


UNESCO's #QuestionsThatMatter integrated marketing ads (five of the campaign's ad materials below) created with DDB Paris, France.

    The series' press release explains: "'The sovereignty of the people and the freedom of the press are two entirely correlative things,' Alexis de Tocqueville. Some crises can act as revelators. What was striking during the Covid-19 crisis was this deep dependence on public goods such as water, transit, health infrastructure and equipment… Goods so common that we forget how vital they are. Information is one of those fundamental assets. The role of journalists in a society is to inform, investigate and denounce. More than just a right, press freedom is the sine qua none condition for any democracy.

    "If people do not know what is happening in their society, if their leaders, if economic, moral or religious powers act under the veil of secrecy, no one is able to act. Through 5 symptomatic questions of today’s world and by confronting readers directly with the effects of censorship, UNESCO asks us about the individual and collective consequences of a lack of press freedom. Without this possibility to ask questions: those that annoy, those that disturb, we are all deprived of information, and by the same action.

    "To silence a journalist is to silence all of us."


Samsung's LoaHDDing Bars print ad series (two of the series' ads below) created with Leo Burnett, Frankfurt am Main, Germany. The series' press release explains: "One of the main reason for nerve-racking loading times and slow computers: Hard drives. In our campaign we make this connection tangible by combining loading icons with HDDs. Thanks to Samsung SSDs slow loading times and data transfers are a thing of the past."


AB InBev Ecuador's We all have to start print ad series (three of the series' ads below) created with Bombai Ecuador.
    The series' press release explains: "We needed to communicate this year's AB InBev Ecuador Internship Program. So we came up with 'We all have to start' which applies for any work field. Even those who hold high positions in AB InBev started as interns or trainees. So, we used real photos of some of the employees in the board of directors when they were young, used a real typewriter for the texts and made a customized rubber stamp to complete the layout; to communicate the company's internship program and show what can be achieved through those programs."


Uomo Barber Club's Update It print ad series (two of the series' ads below) created with Cazar 3, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic


Hyundai's Don't social and drive print media public service announcements created with Argo, Quito, Ecuador


The Non-Violence Project's Home print ad series (three of the series' ads below) created by Anónimo, Mexico City, Mexico.


The Good Mask Company's Dress to suppress print ad series (three of the series' ads below) created by Boys + Girls, Ireland


Burger King Belgium's Forgotten Items print ad series (five of the series' ads below) created by Buzzman, Belgium

16's Your search. Your thing. integrated marketing ad series (some of the series' materials below) created by Foundry Berlin, Germany.

    The campaign's press release explains: "Startpage is the world’s most private search engine. With it, people can finally search for whatever while remaining completely anonymous: No tracking. No ad profiling. So we partnered up with Fuze Image and created a visual way to translate that, by developing a series of striking pixelated portraits.

    "Now it doesn’t matter if you wanna search for cat memes, escape Big Brother’s watchful eye, or have fun looking for fellow BDSM lovers. With Startpage, your search is your thing, and your thing only."


Sea Shepherd Conservation Society's Killer eyes print ad series (four of the series' ads below) created by Wings The Agency, Caracas, Venezuela.

    The series' press release explains: "72% of the edible fish species have disappeared due to overfishing in our oceans. To cover this situation, dolphins, sharks and whales have been used as scapegoats. These are drastically killed, to continue exploiting the fish in our seas and make public opinion believe that they are the culprits when the real thing is. the same man as a product of overfishing and neoliberalism that we have with our natural resources."

    The caption on the ads reads: "They’re accused of depleting 72% of edible fish, but in reality someone else is to blame. Help us to save marine animals."

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