diskurso art magazine's
February 2021 Print/Ambient/Digital Media Ads, Campaigns, and Marketing Projects of the Month

Published March 1, 2021


Rotterdam Zoo's The Digital Zoo out-of-home advertising project and campaign created with Accenture, Netherlands (photos of the project's outdoor-television broadcasts and touchscreen customer-service map shown here).
    Accenture explains that because of the anti-Covid-19 restrictions, visitors still can't visit Rotterdam Zoo, causing the institution to struggle financially. The project's press release states: ". . . if people can't come to the zoo, we'll bring the zoo to the people: we created five livestreams of different animals, and broadcasted those to digital out-of-home screens spread throughout the city centre. Using a map of Rotterdam city centre - styled to look like the map of Rotterdam Zoo - 'visitors' could walk the Rotterdam Zoo Route" and then donate any amount of money via a QR-code on the screen. The caption in Dutch on the screens at left translates to: "Next time at our place? Help us out with a 'Tikkie'!" A Tikkie is a Dutch money-transferring app.


The print advertisements in The One Club's We'll Only Judge the Work integrated marketing campaign for The One Show 2021, created with Milk and Honey United, Australia


The print advertisements in HACEY Health Initiative's Stop FGM integrated marketing campaign created with Noah's Ark, Nigeria


Outfront Media's Making Black History public interest outdoor media project created with Outfront Studios, USA (four of the project's billboards here). Outfront's press release explains: "To commemorate Black History Month in 2021, OUTFRONT celebrates the Black women and men who are MAKING HISTORY in real time. Our goal is to use the highly visible nature of our media to honor the achievements of trail-blazing difference-makers within the Black community. We are featuring current leaders in business, medicine, science, education, and politics who are inspirational role models to Americans of all races."


WWF UK's "SuperbOwl hashtag hijack" digital-ad-cum-social-media-post created with Creative Forager, UK. Creative Forager's press release explains: "For the Super Bowl, WWF UK made a cheeky visual tweak to the hashtag #SuperBowl so it appeared as #SuperbOwl. This allowed them to ride the buzz across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter on Super Bowl Sunday and champion these fine feathery birds of prey in the process."


The print advertisements in LICRA's Faces of Fear integrated marketing campaign created with Publicis, France


Aiad Roastery's As Sweet As Fruit print ad series created by Elevate Agency, Palestine


The print advertisements in Association Prévention Routière and Victimes & Citoyens' #DisarmTheRoads integrated
marketing campaign
created with TBWA France. The text at the bottom left area of the ads translate to: "Your behavior can turn your vehicle into a weapon. Let's change. #LetsDisarmOurRoads." Respectively, the French text at the top area of the three ads translate as follows: ad 1 - "Excessive speed, late braking, 1 seriously injured"; ad 2 - "Sending an SMS, loss of control of the vehicle, 2 dead, 1 seriously injured"; ad 3 - "Sleepiness at the wheel, course deviation, 1 dead, 1 injured"


Volkswagen Area View's "Crocodile" print ad created with Milk and Honey United, Australia


us, the kids' What you read now print ad series (two of the ads above) created with Together, Bulgaria


The Redwolf Company's public interest Show Love Unbiased print ad series created by The Redwolf Company, Nigeria


The posters and print advertisements for Halls' Checkmate Edition candies. Marketing promotion concept by Halls, posters-cum-print ad designs by David, Spain.

    Halls' ad agency David's press release explains: "As chess becomes a global phenomenon (European sign-ups to have increased 72% from October to November), the iconic Mondelēz International candy brand developed new positioning for Halls: 'Breathe for it'. It’s all about inviting people to take a deep breath and focus on their everyday challenges. And since chess demands total concentration, especially at the beginning of the game, the brand that stands for focus decided to help further new chess fans on this journey."


Palau de Les Arts' Feel the emotions engagement-marketing installation (photos here) created with Serviceplan Spain.

    The campaign's press release explains: "Despite the fact that more than several people visit the City of Sciences area - comprising the Hemisferic (IMAX cinema), Science Museum and Oceanogràfic (one of the largest aquariums in Europe) annually, the Les Arts programme is still unknown to many Valencian citizens and visitors.

    "Although the Les Arts building is seen as one of the most iconic architectural symbols of Valencia, its high quality and varied programming – which is on a par with the great European opera houses and theatres – doesn’t have the level of recognition it deserves. Serviceplan Spain developed a campaign that will give more exposure to Les Arts and its unparalleled cultural program, by bringing people closer to the content of the space itself. So the Emociónate en Les Arts campaign was conceived in order to communicate the wide variety of performing arts and cultural offerings available to people at Les Arts, and was also composed with conventional offline and digital ads and actions.
    "At the heart of the campaign was an installation involving placing 10 large supports outside Les Arts, on the promenade closest to the other frequented by visitors to the City of Sciences, in order to make it visible from all angles. For each of the 10 letters making up the word E-M-O-C-I-Ó-N-A-T-E, visuals representing different artistic disciplines of the cultural program of Les Arts were applied to decorate the letter. The letters had a striking design and were made with a light-reactive 'iridescent' ink, so that when night fell, the entire word was illuminated and was visible from a distance in different parts of the city, having the effect of drawing more visitors to the building like moths to a flame. Each of the 10 supports also incorporated a QR code which passers-by could scan that linked to videos of shows in the Les Arts cultural programme, as well as a Spotify code which enabled people to listen to music related to the programme."


Flinders University's The Flinders Train print and outdoor media campaign (the campaign's print ad and billboard ads here) created with Showpony Advertising, Australia.
    Showpony Advertising's press release explains: "Flinders is an outer metropolitan university, but the opening of a new train line running direct from the CBD was a game changer for accessing the campus. / With Flinders now a much more viable study option for potential students, we used this opportunity to showcase the university’s sheer breadth of course options."


T2's 'Make up' for everything integrated marketing campaign for Mothering Sunday. Five visual materials from the specialty tea shop chain's campaign created with Isobel, UK, are displayed here,


The "Turn arguing into a profession," "Get praised for making people cry" and "Win awards for making people look twice" print-cum-poster ads from Brixton Finishing School's AD-Cademy Launch integrated marketing campaign created with Mother, UK. The campaign's press release explains: "Brixton Finishing School has officially launched the AD-Cademy, a free, online advertising course aimed to help address the lack of diversity in advertising. The AD-Cademy is led by industry experts from all disciplines and it aims to encourage and inspire young people from anywhere in the UK to pursue jobs in the creative, digital and tech industries, no matter their background."


The print advertisements in IKEA's Room for Change integrated marketing campaign in Saudi Arabia created with Leo Burnett Saudi Arabia


Nissan's The most Hungarian Japanese print and outdoor media ad series (three of the ads here) created by by the Network / White Rabbit Budapest, Hungary.

    As the ad series' press release explains, the campaign aims "to introduce the limited edition Nissan Tokyo designed specifically for the Hungarian market, mixing icons from both cultures: traditional Japanese fortune cat and traditional Hungarian fortune pig, traditional Japanese conical hat and iconic Hungarian moustache, traditional Japanese chopsticks and iconic Hungarian sausage."


Laut gegen Nazis' and Serviceplan's public interest Noise Against Nazis poster campaign (five of the posters here) implemented by Serviceplan Germany.

    Serviceplan's press release explains: "To commemorate International Holocaust Remembrance Day on 27 January, Laut gegen Nazis e.V. (Loud Against Nazis) and Serviceplan Campaign in Munich teamed up to launch a wide-ranging creative campaign calling for moral courage against right-wing extremism and racism.

    "Featuring the slogan 'Say it loud. That makes the difference', a total of 8 different posters were published on International Holocaust Memorial Day across Germany.

    "On TikTok, the #NahtZiehsRaus Challenge, supported by TikTok itself and prominent creators, has gone viral with 11.1 million views and counting. The TikTok Challenge is to shout, sing or dance the hashtag in a video as loudly and as creatively possible.

    "The campaign caught the attention of Holocaust survivor Esther Bejarano, who appeared during the German 'Tagesschau' (Daily News) on the ARD programme, which featured the TikTok hashtag.

    "On Instagram, supporters can create posts using a specially developed Instagram filter against right-wing violence. The integrated media planning of the campaign was carried out within the Serviceplan Group and was the responsibility of the Mediaplus Group. The campaign is supported by prominent celebrities, partners and friends of TikTok including Zentralrat der Juden (official 'head'-organisation of the Jews in Germany), Caro Dauer (German influencer) and Hans Sarpei (ex-footballer), who all took part in the TikTok Challenge.

    "People’s first reaction on reading the posters was probably amazement and incomprehension, but that’s all part of the idea. Encouraged by the slogan 'Say it loud. That makes the difference', the text must be spoken out loud so that the incomprehensible strings of syllables and words become messages against racism and discrimination, and encourage more tolerance.

    "'Naht zieh’s raus' are, when you read them, all German words, but they do not fit together, and the sentence makes no sense (it reads something like 'Seam pull out'). But when you read it all loud it comes together as 'Nazis raus', which means 'Nazis out'."


SSF's Password integrated marketing campaign created with Akestam Holst, Sweden (three of the campaign's outdoor media ads and two of its print ads here).


Movistar's Lover's Day integrated marketing campaign (three of the campaign's print ads here) created with IPG Chile. The campaign's press release states: "After 2020, Valentine's Day didn't augur well, that's why we celebrate the stronger bond in those couples which demonstrated to us that love could survive a pandemic."


The Big Issue's Raising Profiles digital marketing campaign (some of the campaign's visual materials here) created with FCB UK.

    The campaign's press release explains: "LinkedIn is working with The Big Issue to get vendors set up on the professional network to help them sell online subscriptions to their magazine, bridge the digital divide and reconnect them with customers.

    "Since the pandemic hit, Big Issue street vendors have been amongst the worst affected by lack of earnings - as footfall on the streets has become almost non-existent, many vendors have lost their livelihoods and sense of community.

    "By putting Big Issue vendors on LinkedIn, we’re giving them a hand up and proving their legitimacy as small business owners. They’ll be able to search for and reconnect with their old customers, and hopefully make some new ones along the way. It’s an unexpected yet totally logical platform for vendors to continue to sell their magazines - just digitally."


Alcaldia de Barranquilla's self-created Free from myths print ad series (two of the series' ads here).

    The campaign's press release explains: "CONTEXT: Through the #SoyLibre campaign, Barranquilla told women that they have support, that they have an organization that accompanies them and to which they can go in case they suffer abuse. On this occasion, the city will enter its 'carnival' days, which, although not officially celebrated, may be presented as an opportunity for people to abuse alcohol and possibly increase cases of violence against women.

    "CHALLENGE: Remind women that there is a Women's Office in Barranquilla, which they can go to if they are experiencing a situation of violence, especially during carnivals."


Academia Machida's Machida Kids print ad series (two of the series' ads here) created by BBDO Brazil.
    Academia Machida's press release explains: "To encourage children to participate in the new online karate classes, we transformed the heroes of Machida's family into kids."


Good Max's Infinite Faces print ad series (two of the series' ads here) created by Wings The Agency, Venezuela.

    WTA's press release explains: "The coronavirus has left many people without freedom to carry out their day to day as they did before the pandemic. The restrictions have led citizens to spend more time in our homes, which has led to arguments between family members, especially in marriages, many of which have ended their relationship ending with a divorce.

    "The reason: it is difficult to live with your partner watching him 24 hours a day. For this reason, it is always good to give a little creativity to marital relationships."


BMW Motorrad's For those who don't know when to stop print ad series (three of the series' ads here) created by MullenLowe Group Colombia


Nissan Ireland's "Green Energy" print ad created with In the Company of Huskies, Dublin, Ireland.
    Nissan Ireland's press release states: "With Ireland due to play France in the 2021 Six Nations rugby tournament, Nissan Ireland wanted to show their support.
    "The Nissan LEAF is Ireland’s bestselling electric vehicle and it has one thing in common with the Irish rugby team: green energy.
    "To visualise our support, we combined an EV battery icon with a symbol of Irish rugby supporters: the green scarf."


Flair magazine's Headphone Eroticism print ad series (three of the series' ads here), created by Mutant, Belgium.
    Flair is a Belgian women's magazine. The above print ads are for the magazine's newly-launched Happy Ending erotic podcast for women and "everyone who feels like a woman."


Éléphant Bleu's Reflections outdoor media ad series (four of the series' billboard ads above) created by Serviceplan France.

    Serviceplan's press release explains: "People who care for their cars know that when a car is properly washed, everything reflected in its bodywork looks beautiful. It is with this insight that the Éléphant Bleu campaign was conceived. The poster campaign has been constructed with four double-reading visuals: if at first the eye recognizes a distorted landscape reminiscent of certain Impressionist paintings, then a clue, a car detail (such as a door handle or windscreen wiper...) makes it clear that the image is in fact a reflection of the environment on a shiny bodywork. This creative mechanism gives rise to four visuals that are as elegant as they are surprising, highlighting the ultimate result of having your car washed at an Éléphant Bleu centre."