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diskurso art magazine's
March 2021 Print/Ambient/Digital Media Ads, Campaigns, and Marketing Projects of the Month

Published April 2, 2021


National Geographic Kids' Second closest print ad series (four of the series' ads below) created by FoxP2, South Africa


Emilio Ribas Medical Lab's Art imitates life. And medicine. print ad series (three of the series' ads below) created by Delantero, Fortaleza, Brazil.

    The campaign's press release explains: "Emilio Ribas is a medical lab that has a direct involvement with cultural programs and art knowledge. Art and medicine are closer than we think. In this way, the prints have a clinical look at creations from great artists, demonstrating that art imitates life and medicine."


Bodyform's (in other countries Libresse's) #Painstories integrated marketing campaign (below are materials from, and photos of an event set for, said campaign launched with BBDO UK). BBDO's international press release explains the campaign's motive thus:

    "Essity, creator of Libresse, Bodyform, Nana, Nuvenia, Nosotras and Saba, launches its latest taboo-busting activation, #painstories, exploring the true extent of the pain women endure and inviting them to share their stories. #Painstories has been created to tackle the gender pain gap one story at a time and offer a new way to express and articulate pain, with a focus on endometriosis, via a newly launched Pain Dictionary. The launch will also see the world’s first Pain Museum created to educate and engage society on the extent to which this pain is overlooked, underfunded and often ignored. It shows how working together we can help close the gender pain gap once and for all.
    "The experience of pain for women is complex, complicated and desperately underacknowledged. Endometriosis is just one example of the agony being endured. It affects one in 10 women but, astonishingly, takes an average of seven and a half years to be diagnosed due to the perceived notion that severe period pain is ‘normal’. Enduring this pain has a profound impact on every area of sufferers' lives with some people experiencing depression, loss of relationships and in some cases even considering suicide. This is also reflected in their work with research finding that over 40% of those with endometriosis had given up or lost their job because of it.
    "Libresse has created The Pain Dictionary, using real descriptions of pain from people with endometriosis. The dictionary includes new words and definitions which have been visualised by artists and creators, whose powerful illustrations bring the definitions to life, resulting in a new verbal and visual language for endometriosis pain. Contributors include illustrator Venus Libido, and textile artist Ellie Pearce, both of whom suffer from endometriosis.
    "The campaign will encourage a culture of sharing #painstories online: The Pain Dictionary is a collaborative ongoing project, where Libresse will continue to listen to women, to use their pain descriptions to build an expansive source of pain experiences, showing the variety and intensity of endometriosis pain.
    "To launch #painstories, Libresse has created the world’s first Pain Museum for people to explore the gender pain gap one story at a time. It will take people on an expressive deep dive into pain –– telling the #painstories that need to be told, exploring the taboos that fuel the silence around pain through artwork, and includes interviews with endometriosis sufferers and medical experts. The Pain Museum is a true education into the experience of pain that brings women’s #painstories to life and addresses how we can create a language to confront it, to move towards a world where this suffering is not something shrugged off as 'normal', simply to be endured."


Machida Karate Academy's Wrong place? print ad series (two of the ads below) created by BNDO, Belém, Brazil


Veterans Coalition for Vaccination's Call to Arms integrated marketing ad campaign (five of the campaign's materials below) created with Venables Bell & Partners, San Francisco, USA


Prefeitura de Monteiro's Memories digital ad series (three of the ads below) created with SALA 10, João Pessoa, Paraíba, Brazil


Feline's Put your body in the sun print ad series (four of the ads below) created with BNDO, Belém, Brazil.
    The campaign's press release states: "A national body positive movement, initiated by the actress, influencer and singer Preta Gil and fat models. Together, they talked about their acceptance stories and invited other non-standard women to enjoy Brazil's summer without fear of judgment about their bodies."


Living Forest Institute and The Only Animal's Logging more than trees print ad series (three of the ads below) created with One Twenty Three West, Vancouver, Canada.
    The campaign's press release states: "Old growth forests offer ancient tree structures that are black bears’ preferred habitats for winter denning, birthing, and early rearing of cubs. So, when we log old-growth forests, we take the bears with them - and much of that lumber is being shipped overseas to make cheap furniture. This idea shows people what they’re really buying when they get products made from old-growth forests - and then show them how they can help stop it: sign the petition at Ancient Forest Alliance to help stop logging BC’s old growth forests, and help save the black bears that live in them."

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